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Hold your breath and count to 10

Wrap me up in a plastic bag

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So, you wanna know 'bout me, eh? I'm 24. I'm working towards my Bachelor's degree in Art (major in Fine Arts). I am bipolar. I play bass.

Anyhoo, I draw a comic, Disgruntled Bitch Meats, that has bad dialogue, and write video treatments and humor-tastic skits and slash involving many of my favorite bands on fandomination.net (plug plug). My name there is wormgun. (PLUUUUUUG) I have a store on etsy.com (a new one that has nothing in it yet) I'm in an imaginary band called Pickle Kinky, although now we DO have enough members, but sadly no talent. And I drive an imaginary station wagon (with imaginary wood panelling of course).

I also knit, make jewelry, and talk to myself...out loud...in public.

This is for those that don't understand my icon:
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my pet!

The Twelve Days of Christmas
for taped_on_wings:
Day #Who?What they got you
1stA camera with an elaborate lens so that you can spy on the neighbours
2ndA fake ID
3rdA lifetime subscription to Freaks and Geeks magazine
4thA red telephone connected directly to the president
5thSome straw to roll around in
6thA long distance calling card which expired in 1998
7thSea Monkeys
8thA Barbie
9thPills that make your poo smell like freshly-cut grass
10thA love potion for trolls
11thThe collected poems of M.C. Hammer
12thThe costume of Frank from Donnie Darko
Take this Quiz at QuizGalaxy.com
( or, take the 'adult' version at QuizUniverse.com )

But, I'm not crazy...**shifty eyes**
GIVE ME HUGS!!!!! DO NOT IGNORE MY VEINS!!!! **dammit! who's hugging me so much?!**

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